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3 thoughts on “GET IN TOUCH

  1. Peter Bangarth says:

    Sarah, listening to Arlene makes me feel a lot like I did when listening to you, sitting out front on the rock. Too bad you’re moving! And how wonderful we had that conversation.


  2. Lawrence LeVoir says:

    Sarah! It’s Lawrence LeVoir, owner of Joker the poodle and the Grooming shop at Queen E & Sherbourne. Thank you again for writing the article but just wanted to mention that I’ve moved to a bigger location around the corner at 120 Sherbourne (north of Richmond St.). The shop is now called: The Groomery Spa and Bistro. Please stop by and visit us at our new space.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sarah it’s Dalreen. JUST saw this – congrats on making a very brave decision. I’m going to check in often xo
    God speed!

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